Louise Dean
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The Novelry

The new creative writing courses 

The Novelry.

The Ninety Day Novel ®

Daily lessons to watch and read on a beautiful platform worldwide. Guidance through each and every step of your novel to completion. 24/7 support from the warm and supportive novel writers community and one to one help from Louise.

The course starts the moment you sign up, but you don't start writing on day one. Within the first seven days, we work to make your idea is solid, exciting, unique and commercially viable. You will be guided to create a strong platform upon which you will build your novel daily for 90 days in one hour a day. The Novelry is with you all the way.

They say you can't learn to write. BUT THAT'S NOT TRUE.

As Hemingway put it, 'It's none of their business that you have to learn to write. Let them think you were born that way.'

There is a consistency to the method of writing novels that a working novelist knows by heart. I've bottled it! The Ninety Day Novel course will guide you through the natural phases of creation daily. Any big task, when broken down, becomes do-able. You can write with confidence that you are in safe hands.

Over 100 novelists, some published, some of whom are teachers of other courses, have come to The Novelry to learn how to get their novel done to a publishable standard. You can read what they say about the experience here.

WHAT DO i neeD tO HAve TO TAKe the COUrSE?

Some writers join with material, some without anything at all, not even an idea. They produce a novel, just the same as those who come with material. Often, it's better that way. It’s fear of plotting or - worse - getting lost in over-plotting that stops people ever completing a novel. Sometimes they plot it out, then lose the will to write it.

With The Novelry, you have a week before you start writing in which we get your idea into one sentence. We turn the idea round until it catches fire. We check it’s commercially viable. (Yes, my job is to get your published.) Then you start to write it. You’re guided through the writing from there on out daily so you don’t need to sweat the plot. It all drops into place.


Every book must tell a story, even non-fiction. I am here to show you how a story works. In your one to one session with me, we will talk about your story, what makes it work, what makes it great, and we will come up with a writing plan that works for you. 

Believe me.

(What I wish I'd known as a writer twenty years ago.)

Writers are not born that way. They are typically avid readers. The craft of writing novels can be learnt. Good writing can become great writing. Because there's never a good time, this is the time. You have to write the first draft fast, ideally within a season. Writing is better with the encouragement of other writers. Writing a novel is possible no matter what kind of life you lead. Writing a novel brings new meaning to life. Enrol. Your new life as a writer starts today.