Louise Dean
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Pomeranian Books

The Renaissance of Literary Fiction.

Pomeranian Books.

They say the days of Literary Fiction are done. ‘Those books don’t make commercial sense’. But we don’t believe it.

We believe that great writing is very much alive and kicking, and that there are readers who want to read stories well-told. Stories which are immersive, haunting, poignant, troubling, whimsical, humorous and packed full of the pathos of human experience.

We like honest, lucid, affecting, sometimes subtle sometimes surreal writing. From Chekhov to Raymond Carver, John McGahern, Annie Proulx, Don DeLillo, Elizabeth Strout, Anne Tyler, Anne Enright through to Sally Rooney - we love writing that’s naked and truthful. If you do too, then welcome home.

We are seeking high-calibre literature, and we mean to invest in our writers and coddle them. We offer the camaraderie of the craft, and discerning editorial development. Think of Hemingway or F. Scott Fitzgerald and their working relationships with their editor Max Perkins. We want to work with authors to produce rich and subtle literature that speaks for the human experience.

Our focus is on awards; awards drive mainstream success for books that might otherwise not get found.


Pomeranian Books is the publishing imprint of The Novelry. It’s a perfect circle. We train and develop writers to produce tales well told every day. So, we are ideally placed to discover and develop brilliant writing. We support and invest in budding authors as a publishing imprint, all the way through to awards listings and readers hearts.

Literary Fiction is not dead. Welcome to the renaissance.